Music camp

June 26-30, 2017

Junior Camp


Kids! Get ready to discover your musical talents and experience God's love during a fun and creative week at music camp! You will learn various arts expressions through singing, movement, instruments, and crafts. From the opening assembly each day to the end of the week concert and, of course, the fun rotational workshops throughout the week...get ready to have a blast experiencing the power of music at music camp!

Children ages 6-11 are welcome. No musical experience is required. 

Cost: $5

Senior Camp


Teens! Seven, Messiah College’s in house worship team will be leading a camp focused on using your musical talents in a contemporary worship setting.

Join us, to play alongside Seven, while learning about what it means to serve in worship.  

Teens ages 12-17 are welcome. No musical experience is required. 

Bring your instrument, if you have one!

Cost: $5